Sunday, 19 January 2014

November 13 to January 14 progress

15 Nov
Axle out, halfshafts stripped and new bearings fitted. I used one of the old drive flanges held in place with the axle nut to help knock out the shafts. The press came in handy again for bearing removal and fitting, the forces involved are 1-2 tonnes. The axle’s ready to go down to Shropshire for the new CWP to be set up. The 3.07 crownwheel is appreciably thinner than the 3.9 one – a comforting observation!
Made and fitted inner sills in 2mm alloy. Not (yet) backfilled with foam.
30 Nov
Completed the wiring inside the boot, wired up the fuel pump, tidied up the vent and fuel lines and protected all rear loom wiring with split convoluted conduit.
In the process of tidying all the underbonnet wiring and securing with conduit. Running the front light wires out through grommeted holes in the inner wings.
Acquired wipers and side repeaters at the Classic Car Show, also changed the fuel pressure sender for one with 1/8NPT thread. This is now installed on top of the Filter King.
Axle delivered to Andy Stewart in Shifnal. Apparently some Moss CWPs are noisy – fingers crossed this one’s not too bad. Looking forward to getting this finished and refitting the axle. The car’s really difficult to work on, immobilised in the garage.
The shortshift has been returned from welding – an excellent job too. I’m now in the process of fitting it.
20 Dec
Gearchange completed, including a mod to the existing linkage which removes the need to acquire any other components.
The gearlever end of the original extension linkage is used, bored to fit directly on the selector shaft.

A small metal plated is glued and screwed to this to engage the reversing light switch.

Axle collected and re-fitted, Andy looks to have done a thorough job, stripping, repainting and fitting a new cover plate.  I’ve filled with EP80-90 diff oil.
Handbrake lever welded and handbrake re-fitted and connected.

10 Jan 14
Managed to find some time over the Christmas break to do a few jobs. I’ve welded the handbrake actuation lever to the bottom of the handbrake lever and connected the rear brakes. I’ve also welded a couple of components in the throttle linkage, which I’ve modified slightly to remove some unwanted deflection, and made and fitted an accelerator pedal.

The side repeaters are now fitted and wired, and the wiring for the headlamps and front indicators has been completed. The wiper motor and washer are now wired up.
I think I’ve found a way of fitting the rear fog and reversing lamps which overcomes the height issue for IVA. The lights are fitted to short sections of 5/8” aluminium round bar which are retained through the lower holes prepared for the over-riders. A bolt fitting into the inside end of the aluminium bar will also retain the exhaust pipe hanger.
When I’ve got these lights fitted and wired up I can start testing the electrics – finally starting the commissioning phase!
18 Jan 14
Reading the 2013 revisions to the IVA, realised my rear fog lamp won’t pass, so have obtained an electronic gizmo from Cartek which needs fitting. I’ve tweaked the bends in the exhaust pipes so the rear hangers line up with the over-rider supports. I’ve made up and welded some half-decent rear straps and the exhaust is now in place. I need to make some adjustments and shortening of the rear sections, and find a way of sticking the tailpipe trims on.
The fog and reversing lamps are now fitted using an aluminium spool piece through the bodywork in line with the lower over-rider support bracket, the inside face of which supports the exhaust. It hasn’t improved the aesthetics, but the lower edge of the lights is now more than 30cm from the ground, which should tick the IVA box.

I think the electrics are wired to the point where I dare connect a battery and start testing, so as soon as I’ve finalised the exhaust, that’s the next step.

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