Thursday, 14 November 2013

fiddly bits - October-November

18 Oct
I’ve fitted horns, coil and ballast resistor, and wired up the alternator, which now has a drive belt too! The rear trim covering the seat belt support frame is in place. The nearside door trim is also in place, but needs some fettling. It doesn’t fit well around the piece of moulded fibreglass that covers the door hinge, and will have to be re-worked. I’ll probably take the opportunity to replace the ‘fir tree’ fasteners, which only seem to work once, with some spring clips.
A steering column extension has been made in aluminium and is ready to be drilled so it can be located in place. This supports the indicator switch – though I’m uncertain where I’m going with that. I wanted a switch that dipped and tooted as well, but the one I’ve got looks clumsy and almost obscures part of the speedo. The Ace dashboard layout preceded column-mounted switches, and somehow they don’t look right.
I’ve obtained all exhaust components, bent the pipes as required (they’re shallow bends and my Machine Mart bender does the job, with a little care), and the offside system is complete and trial assembled in position. I’ve managed to get 5” ground clearance (about the maximum feasible), though this may reduce when I sort the front springs. I’m not yet happy with the exhaust hangers, there’s more work to do there.
I’ve removed and covered the dashboard, which is ready to go back and be fitted out. Note this exercise will be repeated post IVA.
02 Nov
The dashboard’s in place, and a number of switches and instruments are now hard-wired in, though gauges are not yet clamped in position. The steering column extension is fitted and clamped in position. I note the steering wheel boss needs a little machining work to match the tapered section of the steering column, just behind the splines.
I’ve been busy under the bonnet too. I’ve finally primed and fitted the tappets and pushrods, torqued up the manifold and fitted the carburettor. The static timing has been crudely set and ignition leads and plugs are in place. I’ve made and fitted a battery tray from 2mm alloy sheet, piped the fuel feed to the carburettor and fitted heater water pipes and hoses.
07 Nov
Fitted the oil pressure gauge pipe, and battery connections – though I have to finish off the isolator switch mounting on the scuttle under the bonnet. Also decided to have a go at making the ‘short-shift’ conversion on the Rover gearchange, having received an offer of alloy welding. I think it’ll look a little less agricultural than the Sherpa change.
14 Nov
Finished the isolator switch, and I’ve been wiring dashboard switches, fitting seat runners to the driver’s seat, machined a conical female taper into the steering wheel boss and generally fiddled about. I’m going to the classic car show at the NEC this weekend with a shopping list of odds and sods. I’ve had the ‘short-shift’ welded, though I’ve yet to see the result, and I’ve also found someone who’ll install the new CWP into the axle. The cost/difficulty of obtaining special tools is a factor. Next job’s to take the axle out and strip the halfshafts, ready to be operated on!

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