Wednesday, 28 January 2015

23 Nov
Time spent rewiring front indicators and all rear lights, fitting the grab handle and a right hand handbrake. This allows the driver’s seat to be positioned closer to the tunnel, and further from the hood frame location which threatened to wear the leather. There’s plenty of room for the handbrake to the right of the seat, though the connection to the cable will need a bit of ingenuity.

The carburettor has been re-jetted and re-needled to better suit the Rover engine.
28 Jan 2015
Where have the last two months gone? Well – largely taken up with Christmas and major kitchen refit. I’ve spent relatively little time on the Ace, though now the windscreen is refitted, much of the carpet is in position and the new handbrake’s complete and functioning.

I need to tidy up wires, check all electrical functions and finish off under the dash, then seats and steering wheel can be fixed in place, and …. I think it’s just about ready for the road. I’ve then got to sort out the hood (I may get professional help) and get a pair of silencers made for my ‘improved’ exhaust system design, before I lose the current system to a speed bump!
Silencer mock-up:

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