Sunday, 16 November 2014

24 Oct
V5 received from DVLA last week. Number plates ordered straightaway and now delivered. Christopher Neils have made good progress over the last couple of weeks and a visit today saw the car freshly painted, though still with doors, boot and bonnet to complete.

Very pleased with the colour – Mercedes Tealite Blue. Hopefully I’ll have it home by the end of next week.
06 Nov
Collected the car last Friday – very pleased with the paint job (thanks Kevin, at Christopher Neils).
I’ve started to fix parts on, mainly lights so far. There’s a lot to do in the interior, trim, carpets and dashboard mods not to mention a right-hand handbrake conversion I’m planning to give the seat clearance from the hood frame location and lined up better with the steering wheel.

16 Nov
Overriders are now fitted front and rear, and the new reverse and foglamps. Nothing’s wired up yet though! I’ve had to spend some time fitting the tonneau  - due to kitchen fitting starting on 26th, access may be required to the garage – in which case, rain or shine, at least half the car needs to move outside. The position for the fasteners was clearly marked on the tonneau, though a couple needed slight adjustment. No great difficulty in fitting the lift-the dot fasteners in the tonneau, even without the special punch – it’s really not necessary.

The male fastener pins around the back of the cockpit weren’t too difficult – each is located with a small fibre washer insulating it from the paint, and fastened through the fibreglass with a washer and locknut. Note that the fasteners supplied by Gerry were too short with only 10mm threaded length, and I obtained some with a 15mm shank which were fine. The front fasteners fitted through the scuttle top and except for the outer pair, landed just on top of the dash. This needed moving to allow locknuts to be fastened on the back. The outer pair of fasteners needed some spotfacing under the scuttle to allow the nuts to seat properly.

I’ve now fitted the gearbox cover made for the BMW-engined Aces – it fits the gearlever position perfectly, which now has the Cobra rubber boot gaiter and stainless retaining ring.

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