Saturday, 3 August 2013

July 2013 update

08-13 July

Most of the major work done on the cooling system. This includes routing the pipes to and from the radiator, and arranging vent lines  to avoid trapped air. I’ve used flexible sections of pipe, and modular inserts for fan switch and connections to the header tank. I’m just short of a 45 degree elbow for the radiator bottom hose, which I hope to pick up at the local August autojumble.
Fitted the windscreen wash bottle on the nearside inner wing and the pump just below.
20-28 July
After a week out sampling the delights of Vienna (business unfortunately) I’ve received new bundy tube and drive gear for the wipers, also new wheelboxes. I’ve carefully marked out and drilled through the scuttle top at an angle so the angled spacers line up properly. I’ve cut and flared the 5/16” bundy tube to fit the wheelbox locations, and the wiper motor sitting above the passenger footbox.  The wiper motor’s been cleaned up and repainted. Infill panels have been made in aluminium and riveted in place to bridge the gap between the bottom of the inner wheel arch and the footboxes.
I’ve replaced the clutch slave cylinder – bought last summer as ‘new old stock’ it turned out to be seized solid [note the bore diameter is about 7/8” or 22mm]. The inlet connection is M12x1mm female thread which is most inconvenient. I’ve ended up buying a flexible hose with the right clutch connection from Rimmers, but this then needs the other end fitting modifying to fit the 3/8” UNF female thread on the master cylinder. A job for the Myford, when I get round to it. I’m still a little concerned about the clutch – the pushrod doesn’t look like it will have much travel. Maybe it doesn’t need a lot, I hope I don’t have to remove the gearbox to sort it out.



I’ve fitted windscreen washers (IVA-proof), piped them up and tested them – the jets look a bit low, hope they’ll hit the screen!

I’ve also almost finished the demisters. Just need some 5/16” brass rod to make the fixing I have in mind.
I’ve cut the rear bulkhead to make space for the propshaft, and fitted both pieces of the tunnel. The front piece has needed some relieving around the gear lever.
The boot handle has been fitted and an internal latchplate made from a spare piece of brass sheet.
31 July
Modified the adapter at the master cylinder end of the clutch pipe. Also spent some time identifying and labelling the ends of the under-bonnet loom.
02-03 Aug
Recommissioned my MIG welder – unused for years – and managed to weld the modified rear bracket for the gearchange housing. This is now finished, apart from whatever needs to be done to fit the reversing light switch and make it work. 
I’d had an idea to make an accelerator pedal pivot from an old aluminium pillow block bearing; a few hours milling, drilling and turning has resulted in something at least as neat as those commercially available. At least I think so. And it won’t be on display as it sits on the top of the footbox well under the front wing. I’m now acquiring what I need to make the rest of the linkage.

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